What Our Customers Are Saying

"After being a customer to one of the 'big' guys for 20+ years, I switched to Kristi Roots Insurance. Why? They have insurance for all of my needs and do not try to sell me other things. They're locally owned, and they treat their customers like family. I no longer have to wait on hold for the 'next available representative.'" Trisha W.
"I love calling this office. They always provide a personal touch, and you never have to speak to an automated phone system." Kent S.
"Every lady in the office has personality and is willing to help you with anything you need! They will walk you through anything step by step. I cannot imagine being back at my last insurance place. I am truly grateful for them - now I have a lower rate and actually understand what and why I am paying for things." Isabel F.
"I have been thrilled with this office. Because of the negligence of my prior insurance agent, I was suddenly without homeowners insurance, as I own a mobile home and live in a high fire zone. Through Kristi's office, I was able to get affordable insurance and couldn't be happier. Everyone has always been very polite and understanding of me and my needs." Paula S.
"Very helpful. I left a message and got a call back very quickly. All the staff were very personable. They gave several quotes to choose from and explained the difference in each one in a way that I understood so I could make my choice. I actually enjoyed myself in an insurance office. That was a first." Georgia B.
"These gals are awesome. Knowledgeable, professional and friendly. If you leave a message, they call you back promptly! They will patiently answer all your questions. They have constantly exceeded my expectations over the past 10 years. Kristi Roots Insurance is the ONLY place I will buy my insurance forever!" K.S.