Toys Insurance

Protect your toys, so you can continue to play and stay young at heart. We have insurance policies to cover boats, RVs, trailers, ATVs, motorcycles, and snowmobiles.

Boat insurance coverage can include fuel spill liability, wreckage removal, on-water towing and 24-hour roadside assistance, fishing equipment replacement cost, and personal effects replacement cost. It also covers basic liability, water sports, total loss replacement or agreed value, disappearing deductibles, PE and Fishing equipment, environmental damage, on-water towing, coastal navigation, betterment/depreciation on partial losses, liability coverage in Mexico, multiple owners, and trailer coverage.

RV and trailer insurance coverage includes comprehensive and collision coverage such as depreciation protection on replacement components, vacation liability, emergency vacation expense allowance, pet injury coverage, and trailer coverage. This also covers personal effects replacement, specialized RV claims, total loss replacement, disappearing deductibles, a full-timer's [package if the RV is a primary residence, and a $0 deductible windshield Coverage.

ATVs, motorcycles, and snowmobiles have $3,000 worth of accessory coverage to cover your customizations, liability coverage, as well as coverage for pleasure, commute, off-road, and parade use. It also includes roadside assistance.